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Techysoar is an Indian company headquartered in Jaipur. Techysoar was established 3 years ago in 2020. At that time, we were known as Websoar. In the year 2022, we became known as Techysoar.

When we started our business, we wanted to stay true to our word and provide an honest and trustworthy service that people could rely on at a very affordable price. We’re not here to make money; we’re here to give you the tools and services that will help your business grow and prosper.

Because of this dedication to our customers, We have built a loyal following of 20,000+ people who trust us to deliver an exceptional product. Hence, You can rest assured that your investment with us will grow you to reach your expectations.

When we started out, we had a simple idea: to build products that people love. We’ve been doing that for 3 years, and in that time we launched several products, a couple of which failed and we removed them from our list. But many others survived, and a few others are still doing well.

It’s almost the end of 2023, and we’re heading toward 2024, and now, we’re growing up our team and hiring aggressively, and it’s time for us to head over to the next level. If you wanna work with us, why don’t you check our current open position?



We build digital products to make online business owners laugh at their competition. We know your marketing needs (wink, wink!).

Well, Jokes aside… We help digital businesses bring profitability in their business, not by making it rain or growing their bees wings but by ensuring our product fulfills their marketing needs.

Not only do we help your marketing, but we also make your life easier with a product that facilitates the Branding and Conversion rate optimization needed at the same time.

The question… are we just another company to claim all of these?

Definitely not! That’s because we build products based on real issues users face (we do a lot of surveys to find it). Over time, we improve our product and add more features to increase the product’s usability, thus allowing us to expand our business.

So, even if you bought anything from us, don’t think that we will sell you our product and forget about it. That won’t happen because we have photographic memories, and we never forget anyone.

You can also call us Mr. Photographic Memory.

As of now, we’re serving in India; by the end of 2023, we’ll shift from the Indian Market to the International market. Don’t take us the wrong way; we love our country, “India,” and Indians will first access every product, then we’ll take it to the international market.

Just consider us as your brother.

Ok, Let’s face it – we all have a bit of a brother complex, but our newsletter keeps you in touch with us so that you know you can turn to us when things go awry.

Just drop an email at support(at)Techysoar.com, and we’ll take you into account. Also, subscribe to us so that we’re in contact with each other.

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